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For those of you who have asked where you can take your sewing machines for repair, try the following:
                                      Bernie Sominski
                                      Domestic Sewing Circle
                                      423 E. Main Street
                                      Metamora, OH                                                

For Babylock service, he can do some, but not all Babylocks, depending on the model and the problem.  If it is not workable there, I know there will be a new Babylock dealer starting up in the Toledo area, probably in April.  A little farther for you, but if you pair it with shopping and/or dinner at a nice restaurant, it will "soften" the blow.

If you need a new vac or vac repair, contact the following:

                                            Great Lakes Vacuum
                                            1398 Conant St.
                                            Maumee, OH 43537

UPDATE:  If you need a new sewing machine, the new Babylock retailer in this area is:

                                            The Quilt Foundry
                                            234 W. Wayne St.
                                            Maumee, OH 43537

After the virus is under control and they can get back to business, they will be taking training at Babylock for their repair department personnel.  Contact them for further info.