Customers are the lifeblood of any business and Jack's is no exception.  We know that there are many options open to you for your sewing and home vac needs, and our challenge is to give you a reason to shop with us instead of online or the big-box stores.  The internet isn't so hard.  There's something very satisfying about feeling (should we say "fondling"?) the texture and hand of a piece of fabric that will require your time and skill to transform into something wonderful.  Have you ever ordered fabric online and found it to be a disappointment?  Don't you just hate it when that happens?  In "real life" you can browse and compare, drape and match to your heart's content, all the while anticipating your finished project.  That's half the fun.  Or, maybe you're like Marjorie, drawn to fabric like a moth to a flame, savoring the selection process, adding to your stash to await the perfect time when that piece of woven or knit "yard goods" gets its turn on the cutting table.  Years ago we sewed to save money.  Today we sew to be creative or make that special something that can't be found in ready-to-wear of any store.  Quality matters.

A home vac or sewing machine is a big investment and a little expert guidance can be a big help in making the right decision.  Most of all, you want a quality product and great after-the-sale customer service. Big box stores can offer vacs and sewing machines at cheaper prices for one reason--they pay less for them from their suppliers and manufacturers.  Unfortunately, cheaper is sometimes just what it says, CHEAPER.  It may look just like the machine at your local independent merchant on the outside, but many times what is on the inside, where it counts, is another story.  You may have actually discovered that for yourself at some point.

The bottom line is this.  Whether it is a just a spool of thread or a larger item like a fine sewing machine or home vac, the big-box stores just want your money.  At Jack's we want you to get what you need at a fair price and enjoy the process along the way.  We are here to help.