Whatever your machine embroidery skill levels are, Baby Lock has the perfect machine for you.  Just getting started?  The Verve is the “entry level” embroidery/sewing machine that will introduce you to the wonderful world of machine embroidery and take your creativity to a new level.  If you are an “old hand” at the machine embroidery art and want the maximum capabilities, the new Destiny II will fulfill your wildest dreams.  It is AWESOME!  Or maybe you fit somewhere in between.  Check out the details of each to see which machine will give you the features you desire.   Remember, IT’S ALL ABOUT YOU!

No matter where you are in your quilting journey, Baby Lock has created a quilting machine just for you.  The sewing machines in the Baby Lock quilting line are designed to be the perfect companion for quilters of every skill level.  Ready to dive into your first quilt Pattern?  Approaching an intricate king-size quilt?  Each Baby Lock quilt-friendly sewing machine will accompany you perfectly and make every step a dream from those first pieces to the final touch.  Baby LLock’s attention to detail and innovative features have caught the attention of quilters like Eleanor Burns, Nancy Zieman, Mary Fons and Kay M. Capps Cross.  Though each quilter has a unique style, they all appreciate the smoothness, precision and control of their Baby Lock quilting machine.  From beginning to end, you can find a machine that’s the perfect match to your creativity.

No one knows your style better than your friends...and no one can help you bring your ideas to life like your friends in the A-Line series from Baby Lock.  Spend some time with these machines and you’ll quickly see how fun they are to have around.  They will be your best friends and you’ll enjoy sewing cool crafting projects or classic timeless fashions.

Whether you’re a beginning sewer or seasoned expert, you can count on these durable and easy-to-use sewing machines to help you with whatever you like to create.

Each sewing machine in the A-Line Series includes the features you need, plus convenient extras like a built-in needle threader, a guide to get you started and accessories to explore your creativity.

A serger does more than give projects a finished and professional look...this compact machine compliments your sewing room.  Sergers create ravel-free seams, tight overlock stitches, and decorative edging.  But not all sergers are the same, and our customers agree--once you use a Baby Lock serger there’s no going back.  The Baby Lock brand, headquartered in St. Louis, Missouri, was the first to bring the home serger to the market, and continues to strive for firsts in the industry.   Baby Lock sergers let you thread your lower loopers with the push of a button, eliminates tension dials, and offer up to 87 stitch combinations!  Plus, Baby Lock sergers have a less than 1% failure rate meaning you can depend on your serger for beautiful results time and again.  Once you learn more about Baby Lock’s impressive features and try a machine you will see there is no substitute for a Baby Lock serger.  Stop in at Jack’s for a test drive.