She seeketh wool and flax* and worketh willingly with her hands”  (*and silk, and cotton, and polyester, and.....added by Marjorie)...”She maketh herself coverings of tapestry; her clothing is silk and purple.” 
Proverbs 31:13, 22

Clearly we are destined to search the marketplace for fabric.  Some of us take that to heart more than others, but when there is an ingrained need to be creative, for many of us that drive is channeled through a sewing machine.  At Jack’s we understand and we are here to help.

In  our grandmother’s day (and the ages before that), her “yard goods” source was the local merchant and new pieces were eagerly awaited.  And nothing was wasted.  Fabric scraps and outgrown clothing found their way into beautiful, lovingly hand-pieced quilts to warm the family through cold winter months.  (was Joseph's coat a pieced garment from colorful scraps?  Actually, no, as it was without seams.)

Today our resources are infinitely broader in scope, expanded even more by the internet, but the search goes on.  Have you ever
purchased a piece of fabric off the internet, only to find its color, hand or quality to be disappointing?  How much better to make our fabric selections “in person”, savoring the print, evaluating the color, feeling the texture.  Nobody understands that better than Marjorie and she tries to put fabrics in the store that will satisfy your needs.  From fine silks to denim, you will find a wide variety  of prints and solids, quality cottons, fine Merino Wool suitings, slinky knits, flannels, brocades, satins, etc., etc., etc.  Stop by soon to satisfy your own “seeking” urges.