CLASSIC RAYON NO. 40--400m spools embroidery thread made from 100% viscose rayon, perfectly suited for machine embroidery, just right for that smaller project with high tensile strength and excellent glossy luster.  Smooth running and knot-free, it maintains its soft "hand" even when the stitch count is high.  Excellent washing and dry cleaning properties.

POLYNEON NO. 40--400m spools, Polyneon is made with a specially developed raw material which eliminates looping, puckering and thread breakage.  Suitable for most applications, this thread is extremely durable and smooth running.  Vibrant colors are resistant to chlorine bleach, making it the ideal choice for embroidering on uniforms, safety garments, commercial linens and kids clothes.

AEROFIL--Made from 2-premium Polyester core twists, Aerofil runs expertly on all sewing, overlock and quilting machines.  It is extremely strong and produces seams that last, making it the right choice for a fine and even quality sewing thread that meets the highest demands for durability and consistancy.  The special finishing treatment of Aerofil guarantees optimum abrasion resistance and unparalleled sewing performance on all fabrics.  Available at Jack's in a wide  assortment of colors.  Why use a lesser quality thread for your projects?  Your time and investment deserves the best threads for long-lasting satisfaction.  400m spools.

For neat and long-lasting overlock seams use only Top-quality products for your creations.  The most beautiful patterns and exquisite fabrics are wasted  (not to mention your time) if the seams disintegrate after a few washings.   Aerolock is a top quality corespun thread that gives longevity even if the garment is heavily strained and washed frequently.  Because of its smooth, non-fuzzy surface it is especially  good for cover stitch and other  surface embellishing techniques.   2000 yd spools.  Available at Jack's in a nice selection of colors.