Sewing with Slinky

DVD includes: Buying and Treating Slinky fabric, Markings and Patterns, Slinky Patterns, Slinky Tee's, Hemming and Other Techniques, and Notions and Pattern Information. $34.00

Sewing Sophisticated Knits...Designer Tees and Cardigans

DVD includes: Fabric Info, Tools of the Trade, Fitting Different Body Types, Adjusting the Pattern, Stitching the Shoulders, Measuring and Applying Neckline, Hemming the Garment, Cardigan Neckline and Zipper, Other Design Ideas. $34.00

Sewing EZ Seam Pants and Elegant Skirts

DVD includes: Fitting EZ Seam Pants, Altering the Pants Pattern, Cutting the Pants, Sewing and Serging, Fitting at the Waist, Hemming the Pants, Pants Types and Styles. For skirts: Finding the Waist and Hanging the Skirt, Skirt Types and Styles. $34.00